The Solecan™ (patent pending) is a unique single can trash/recycling solution.  
When it is snapped together the Solecan™ functions like a single trash can with one compartment for trash and the other for recycling.  However, when it is time to empty it out, the Solecan™ snaps apart so you can empty one side into a larger trash can or dumpster and the other side into a large recycling bin.  For those who insist on using bags (we love ours without any), the snaps on the Solecan™ work perfectly for holding a standard 3-4 gallon size small bag in place in each half.  The center handles allow for lifting the Solecan™ when it is filled with something heavy.  The outer handles make it easier to unsnap the compartments and haul them away individually. The Solecan™ is the perfect size for a bedroom, bathroom, or office.  Made in U.S.A. from recycled plastic.